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Welcome to the Wi2Play Demo

You're a few moments away from trying a new form of interaction.

You can control this web-site using your mobile device as a controller.

To begin, install our app on your mobile device:

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Afterwards, just insert the code and you're ready to start our interactive experiences!

Your controller has changed

With Wi2Play, the applications can change the controller being used, in order to provide the best interaction with the available information and actions.

Now, instead of using you mobile device's gyroscope, you can use your touchscreen to browse the page, as usual.

Wi2Play Controllers

Swipe on your device as if you were browsing a gallery



Wi2Play Controllers

Try Rotation Rotação Wi2Play and Zoom Zoom Wi2Play Gestures

Through our App and your mobile device, you can intuitively control any kind of external application that supports Wi2Play.

Try making a Rotation Rotação Wi2Play gesture on your device.

To continue, long press your device's touchscreen.

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Unique Possibilities

Wi2Play can be used by all kinds of applications as:

Web-sites' navigation

Games Controller

Marketing Tool

or a remote for Internet of Things devices.

Wi2Play Controllers
Wi2Play Arquitectura

In Real Time

Real Time and multi-player connection, provided by our servers.

Bi-directional communication allows the users to receive messages sent by applications.

The provided APIs handle all the communication processes.

To continue, long press your device's touchscreen.

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